Why Become a Dealer

Large variety of trampolines

As direct importers we afford you the opportunity to choose from a large stock of varied sizes and shapes. We are convinced that at Upper Bounce you will always find the Trampoline that sells best on your website or store.

Top notch customer service

Most of our reseller orders go out same day. Our stock is automatically and continuously updated, so you know what is in stock. We return calls quickly and attend to any of your issues promptly.

We drop ship

We are completely set up to handle drop ship orders quickly – no matter the quantity. We accept orders via email, EDI or API. We keep you informed every step of way; from when the orders come in to our system to when its shipped.

We help you with your listing

Our catalogue team is ready to provide you with templates, photos and descriptions to help you in posting our items on your website. We offer buying guides as well, which help your customers choose the right Trampoline while shopping.

Other Dealer Benefits

Direct Import

We offer deep discounts to bulk orders that can be shipped from the dock to you.

Popular Established Brand

Our products are sold on all major online channels as well as large retail stores nationwide.

Parts Department

We have a vast inventory of every trampoline replacement part which you might need.

Low Minimum Purchases

We don’t force you to buy large
quantities.We appreciate and treat
every order equally

Always Fully Stocked

Our warehouse is constantly monitored to ensure that every item that we sell, be that a trampoline or an individual part, is always in stock.

Dedicated Staff

We operate a separately staffed Dealer Department. The staff is trained to work exclusively with our dealers to get things done quickly and efficiently.

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